Little Things Matter

Typically we don’t react to small things thinking it won’t have much effect on our life. We don’t give a shit about it. The genuine truth is little things matter a lot. It plays a crucial role in our day to day life and achieving bigger dreams. Practising the piano every day, investing time to learn its chords every single day seems a small thing to do but daily, consistent practising adds extra points to becoming a professional pianist one day or another. We hardly care from mosquitoes bites upon rigorous awareness program initiated by hospital staff to use preventive measures. Due to our ignorant and carelessness over this little thing, we are the victim of deadly dengue, malaria and other related diseases. Carelessness and ignoring small things cause a huge impact in life. Learn to care and be vigilant over little things. They possess values too.

An act of giving even a small thing to a needy seems insignificant but it could change their life. Recently a benevolent and generous civil servant helping to build a house for a family seems a small gesture from her side but the life of the family has changed to a completely different one. Finally, they got their new house whom they have never dreamt to live in such a lovely sweet home.

A magic hug from your mother, a goodnight kiss, short walk with your couple is a little thing but it makes you happier and brings ecstatic in your life.

Attention to the little things in life can often make a huge difference in your life cause we should convince that achieving success at anything comes from doing the little things. Moreover, the truth is that often the things that matter most are the small ones. Learn to embrace every little thing in life and set priority.


The most painful experience and the worst feelings in the world. It kills when we are rejected. Rejection often happens when the other party doesn’t like one’s potential despite trying many times. In the job interview, you will be rejected instantly if your skills don’t match with the job they offer. They reject you when you do not meet their expectations. JK Rowling was rejected many times before she succeeded. Jack Ma, one of the richest men in China who owns Alibaba was rejected several times from the job. Once KFC came to China, there were 24 people and they recruited 23 accept Jack Ma, he was rejected.  Likewise, there is many renowned people’s story of their rejections, how they tackle it and became successful. We give up immediately when we are repudiated. Humiliations, critics, and embarrassment are those faced by innocent victims. We feel we are not part of them. It degrades our hard work, dignity and personality. Unlike us, Jack Ma never gave up in his life. Every time he was spurned, it was a stepping stone for his success and accomplishment. Likewise, I was rejected many times but I never gave up. I took it positively and kept learning promising myself to prove it one day. Both failures and success keep coming in our life but how to deal with it further depends on each of us. When someone you love dearly rejects you is the situation you have to deal with it to make it alright. When the most reputed company rejects you is another situation you have to handle to keep going in your life. If we take it positively, rejection acts as the vaccination that protects us from the deadliest coronavirus. It is the bridge that connects us to the unknown places and the window through which we can see the world because it gives us the strength, power and the mighty. It activates our cell to work harder, better and help builds the specific goal, work towards it and achieve that goal. Rejection if take it positively will help build your beautiful life and vice versa.

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Druk Trace app

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Since the nation’s lockdown is relaxed phase-wise taking into consideration the various factors, entire responsibilities fall on every citizen of Bhutan to strictly abide by COVID-19 protocols to contain the coronavirus. We have to follow a few new normal of which one is a druk trace app. Most people take it granted for using the Druk Trace app. Knowing its benefits in easier and faster contact tracing, this article serves the purpose of creating awareness and to remind to use the app. This article is written with the utmost priority and importance.

Had the 27-year-old woman from Gelephu used the Druk Trace app very often, the contact tracing would have been easier and faster earlier as expected. We are not blaming but we learnt from her mistakes. Since we knew the importance of an app, we hope druk trace app users increase henceforth. According to the Kuensel dated 12th August, 2020 states that as of dated July, 2020, 2,04,020 mobile phones have registered for the app but hardly scanned the QR code which indicates only a few people are using the app. Nevertheless, the government worked hard and traced all the people who contacted her.

Druk Trace app is the app primarily used for easier and faster contact tracing if in case there exist any community transmissions to avoid spreading further in the society and to contain the coronavirus.

PC: Ministry of Health

Therefore it is compulsory to scan the QR code displayed whenever one visits the places or uses the public transportations. That’s why the business entity, offices, public transports are required to generate the QR code and should make available to the public to scan. Shop owners should maintain the visitors register for those who do not use the app.

A sole army cannot fight alone, he needs backup to fight and win the battle. Likewise, we need to work together to achieve a common goal.

Important note:

Wear masks, avoid gathering as much as possible, keep a physical distance of at least one meter, follow cough etiquettes, wash your hands or sanitize it regularly, use druk trace app and most important is to stay at home. This is the new normal we should follow to protect from coronavirus.

PC: Ministry of Health
PC: Ministry of Health

If you experience any symptoms mentioned above, please visit the nearest flu clinic and get yourself tested.

Thank you for reading

Stay home, stay safe.

Stay Connected

We hardly interact with neighbours. Is that true? I think so. The most populated places like Thimphu and Phuntsholing could be the best examples. Forget about interacting and having a conversation with our neighbours over a cup of coffee, we hardly know who lives the next door. Isn’t it weird? That’s the sad reality we live in society. Knowing our neighbours or who lives next door is very important than we think is less. Engaging with them daily would be impossible as both are busy with their own schedules, plans, office and personal works but it would be best to catch up with them during weekends. Hardly any of us do this either. They also play a vital role in our life. During the unexpected situation, immediate help from a neighbour would be helpful than our families, relatives, friends living far away from us. We will not realise until we experience and face similar situations.

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Citing my own experience, I stayed with my aunt and uncle in Thimphu after my graduation in 2016. It was a year I realised that I didn’t know who lives the next door and the weirdest thing is I didn’t even see their faces. Unlike in rural society, people living in urban hardly go to a neighbour’s house. They had no time to visit them. During weekdays they are busy with their office works and weekends they spend their time with families and busy with household chores. They hardly had time for neighbours. In a rural or small society, everyone knows each other whereas it is just the opposite in an urban community. This is the truth we are living and am not blaming anyone. This article does not serve any criticism to anyone either. This is the fact I am revealing it. I hope you will take it positively.

If you are reading now, stop for a while and think about it once. Is it true or is the author saying the false? Then try to remember who lives next door, start counting your neighbours, see how close you are with them. Start treating your neighbours, talk with them, share the moments, call them to your place over the dinner with your families. This is humanity, sharing love, kindness, and this is how we are making the relationships strong. Stay connected.

Respect Woman

Dear woman,
You are very beautiful. You are very unique in your own way and know that you deserve the best. Do not compare yourself with anyone. If you are criticised, discouraged and demoralized in the society, don’t be disheartened. You are special, believe in yourself and move forward. Be confident regardless of what life throws at you. Ignore what others have to say about you because you can’t be led by them. You have your own life and it is you who decides what to do and not. Create the path and lead your own life. If you are happy about what you are doing, who you are, and how you look, that’s the purpose of living your life meaningfully. You have found peace and happiness in you. After all, we want is happiness. Love yourself wholeheartedly.


A man can do all the things and a woman can perform all the tasks by themselves too. Men are best in their categories and women in their own fields. Therefore it is wrong for all of us to compare and judge each other. The difference is gender-based, not in abilities, talents, knowledge and skills. Yes, physically woman may be weak but emotionally they are stronger than man. We should learn to appreciate each other to grow together. Generally, we think that women are less as compared to men in anything and treat men as the best in whatever they do. This concept is amiss and we should not take/think it that way. Treat them equal. Of course, men are perfect in whatever they do but it should not be compromised with women either.

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Investing Yourself

Investing Yourself

A young boy aiming to become a great professional footballer will practice daily to develop the skills, stamina, and the team coordination in order for him to one day play in a world cup match which is every footballer’s dream.

Just as well, a person who wants to become a writer will study overnight the dictionary to develop the good, exciting vocabularies, scribble anything, and write daily journals, articles, reads a book or two in a week to publish the book one day.

From the above-cited examples, whatever they do, they are doing it for themselves from the scratch with consistent hard work, determination and perspiration to create the new and best version of themselves. They are investing in themselves.

Without working consistently and not investing in yourself daily, please don’t expect the changes and differences happening in you. If you want to live a different life, you need to work on yourself every day. No improvement will happen automatically if you are not investing or working on yourself. Therefore the person who you are today remains the same person in future.

Investing yourself is self-love and self-respect. It is indeed the most profitable investment you will ever make that will change your career and future. If you are not investing in yourself, then you are only wishing the things to happen. Don’t wait for the miracles to happen, create your own future. The bright future is made unless you put an enormous and immense effort into yourself.

Investing yourself is engaging in doing meaningful and productive work. It defines how you love and care for yourself. If you find your own time, then you are creating yourself to be a better person and in knowing yourself more. Usually, people tend to know more about other than self which is disheartening.

Reading is the best investment I suggest as you get to learn many new topics. You can grab your favourite book and read and review. Books are the windows through which you can see the world. Cultivate the habit of reading books. If you are a lazy person, start by reading one page every day, and then you will see the real magic a few days later.

Invest in your creativity. Learn new things daily, consistently to feed your dull brain with innovative ideas, knowledge, and wisdom. Don’t sit the whole day watching television and doing unnecessary kinds of stuff. Time is one of the most valuable resources we human being waste. Time and tide wait for none. This proverb proves that time is very important. If you utilize properly, you are benefited and vice versa. Time cannot be retrieved, so make the best use of it.

Invest in your health. Health is wealth. You can earn/make wealth but you cannot bring back health once it is not taken care well. Exercise daily. At least invest an hour exercising and eat a healthy diet. Likewise, invest in your self-confidence, invest in your relationships, invest in your finance and invest in your knowledge, talents and skills.

If you think you have not invested in yourself, start investing henceforth. It is never too late. Do it now or never. As mentioned above, Investment in yourself is the best investment you will ever make.

Blessing in Disguise

This is my first ever article published in BDB Newsletter 2020. BDB quarterly publishes the newsletter collecting various events and happenings happened in the bank. The Newsletter also consists of the experiences shared by the staff of BDB. Enjoy reading the article which was written based on my experiences. Happy reading!

Do it Now or Never

Aiming something big and creating the vision is not amiss but following the steps consistently to make it happen becomes the hardest part.

We climb and fall but we should make sure that we reach the top someday. The good thing takes time.

Don’t simply jot down things to do, take action and move from your comfort zone.

Many of us have a dream to become someone successful in our life, right?

Some desire/aim to become a great politician, an entrepreneur, dancer, musician, sportsman, doctor, engineer, writer and list goes on.

To reach to this professional level, it is not an easy task to accomplish unless we put in hard work, effort, time, sacrifice, determination, perseverance, and inspiration. We should love what we are doing and do what we love. Believe in yourself and start creating your own future. What are we waiting for?

Start with small thing/act/work consistently. Everything will come in the flow then.

Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the world’s best footballers today. They have the painful stories of their life, hardships, and struggled a lot to build/develop their talents, skills, stamina and to become a professional footballer. They are the early birds and loved playing football at an early age.

That’s why Apple has Steve Jobs, Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Ma owns Alibaba and Bill Gates has net worth of around 99.5 billion US Dollar as of today who owns the Microsoft Corporation based at Redmond Washington, USA.

These people’s lives are now doing great and credit goes to their consistent handwork, determination, inspiration, motivation. They proved us that little thing matters a lot and learnt to start doing things howsoever small it is. They are our role model, exemplary, someone, from whom we can get inspired and motivated.

There is a famous quote attributed to the American Inventor Thomas Edison that there should be 99 percent perspiration and 1 percent inspiration. Always believe in yourself, work hard and do it now or never.

Thank You

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99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.

My First Blog

I am very excited and grateful to join this platform as I get an opportunity to explore and learn more. I will be sharing my knowledge, insights, articles, and many more things which might in a little way inspires, and motivates the readers and move on in their lives to be a better person each day. As I write I wish to connect my life with beautiful souls out there so that we share the same feelings, emotions, stories, ideas and thoughts.

Writing is the passion that keeps me going in life, inspires and motivates me to write and learn more every day besides my 9-5 job. I scribble whatever comes in my mind, plays with words, enjoys writing, and sometimes I used to wake up in the middle of the night and write down thoughts and ideas when it struck my dull mind. I am a beginner and still learning to pursue my passion. I hope I get the supports from the versatile and ardent readers. I wish through my writings I see changes in the life of many readers.

How did I start blogging?

I am inspired by many Bhutanese Bloggers and Writers. I read their blogs, appreciates their writings and I find myself connected to them when I read their articles, narrates the stories of their life and updates the interesting facts, their knowledge and creativity.

My Say

I say to you, who are still thinking of writing or doing anything that interests you. I say, stop overthinking and start doing it consistently. Be it small or big, action speaks louder than words. Many great and successful leaders, bloggers, writers, business tycoons started from rags. As I write my next article on the titled “Do it now or never” I hope you enjoyed reading my first blog and wait for more amazing articles henceforth.